Web & Email Hosting

Worried about security online?
Don't want to be stuck talking to a call centre?
Want to avoid problems with your website going down?

At Clevvi we provide secure, highly scalable web and email hosting using the latest technology.

Website Hosting

We have many fully redundant IBM servers located in both Australia and overseas to ensure your website is always available and is served up as quickly as possible.

In addition to this, our servers are monitored by trained technicians 24/7. We can respond to minor faults quickly before they turn into major outages.

We offer both standard hosting and eCommerce hosting that features bank-grade security for processing credit card transactions securely.

Email Hosting

In addition to website hosting, we also offer email hosting. Our email servers have high-security settings meaning all mail going through our servers are scanned for viruses and spam content. Our clients find very little spam makes it to their inboxes.

We offer standard POP3 access, in addition to providing clients access to their e-mail using IMAP, which leaves messages on the server. This means the same inbox can be seen and managed from multiple devices, allowing you to access your emails from home, work, and through our webmail site. 

Advanced Email Hosting

If you're looking for a more comprehensive email solution, we offer two of the most powerful "cloud-based" email packages on the market, Microsoft Office 365 and G-Suite. These advanced email hosting platforms have the following useful features:

  • Personal and shared calendars
  • Larger cloud storage and mailbox size
  • Online collaboration tools
  • Access on almost any device

Our advanced email hosting platforms go beyond just sending and receiving emails to allow you and your business to work more collaboratively and efficiently. 


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

As an AWS Partner Network (APN) Select Consulting Partner, Clevvi has demonstrated success and proven technical expertise helping customers build modern applications leveraging cloud-native databases on AWS. Clevvi can help you implement a modern, cloud-native database foundation for your application so you can quickly deliver new functionality in response to customer demand and stay competitive. We can also help you extend, back up or completely shift your Microsoft Windows Server infrastructure to AWS EC2.



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Watch some of our hosting and email webchats

These webchats explore topics related to websites hosting, emails hosting and domains and how they relate to you. 

Own a .au domain? You were part of a Guinness World Record!

Clevvi Director, James Deck, is on the board of auDA (.au Domain Administration). auDA is the policy authority and industry self-regulatory body for...

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The benefits of Office 365

Office 365 is cloud-based subscription service which gives you access to an advance email system, which has many great features that go beyond...

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We've moved data centres! Find out what this means for you

In an effort to ensure our data is as secure as possible, we’ve upgraded all our hosting infrastructure and moved to a Tier 4 data center in...

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Notice anything different with your browser recently?

Last week Google updated Chrome to make it even more obvious when a website is not securely hosted. If you have a website and it's not secure, your...

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Why you need to register more than one domain!

Alice and Teeka discuss why your business should register multiple domains to ensure no one else can purchase them. Regardless of the size of your...

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Common scams and how to avoid them

Domain Scams

Domain scams often tell you that your domain is about to expire or to "register SEO for your domain". To work out if your email or phone...

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How the GDPR, APP and NBD privacy and data security laws affect Australians

The Australian Privacy Principles (APP) and Notifiable Data Breach laws apply to all Australian businesses with a turnover of $3m+ (plus some specific...

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Digital Checklist for Transferring Business Ownership

In this week's webchat, our team discusses our top 7 digital checklist items to compile while buying or selling a business.

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End of life announcement for Adobe Business Catalyst

On this week's webchat, Alice and Teeka discuss Adobe's decision to close down Business Catalyst and what this decision means for companies who use...

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Improve your email marketing in five easy steps

If used correctly, Email Marketing Systems (EMS) have the power to build a stronger relationship with your customers and increase the amount of...

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The benefits of a top-level domain

In this week’s webchat, John and Tristan discuss why you would use a global top-level domain. Not all URLs end in .com or .au, businesses may be...

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What you need to know about spam emails and blacklists

Do you ever have problems with emails bouncing back because they are being classed as spam? In this week's webchat, James and Brendan discuss what...

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How to know if you've received a scam domain renewal email

Scam domain renewal emails have recently been sent to a number of our clients and many other small businesses. If you have a website, then you could...

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How to protect your business from the latest CryptoLocker virus

CryptoLocker viruses, ransomware and WannaCry have all been prominent in the news lately. In this week's webchat, we help you understand these...

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This digital padlock can help your SEO

This week, James and Tristan talk about https, the SSL-encrypted protocol that causes the padlock to be shown in the address bar and that you may be...

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Can you tell if an email is a scam?

Brendan interviews software engineer and tech expert, Tristan, about scam and phishing emails, what to look out for and what you can do if you think...

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Do you know the difference between hosting and a domain name?

1300 Web Pro Directors Brendan and James break down the often confusing distinction between hosting and a domain names and some of the options...

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What you need to know about spam emails and blacklists

Do you ever have problems with emails bouncing back because they are being classed as spam? In this week's webchat, James and Brendan discuss what an...

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