SEO Explained

SEO isn't just some mystical thing that happens to the code of your website...

Quite simply, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the process of growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results by ranking highly, ultimately leading to increased website traffic. We don't necessarily offer "SEO packages" as we incorporate SEO into every aspect of a website build.

We write content for all our websites incorporating key SEO tactics so your website has the best possible chance of ranking highly on Google and other search engines, therefore increasing the likelihood of more website visitors. 

The infographic below will give you a better understanding of how SEO works and why it is important for your website.

We can help you create a new website that has great SEO features and design to enhance your organic search results, leading to more viewers on your site, ultimately achieving business growth.

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What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising a website, as well as the content on it, to make it rank higher on search engines to appear in prominent positions in the organic results.

When entering search terms in Google (or any other search engine that you use), the search engine ultimately wants to return results it believes are the most relevant to the user and instill confidence that "this is exactly what I was trying to look for". 

Relevancy and ranking is determined by many factors. Google always focuses on quality and beneficial content to users and its SEO algorithm is constantly being updated by Google to become better at understanding what users want. 

What visitors want!

What value does your website provide to visitors?

Visitors want a user friendly website that is easy to navigate.  Aesthetically appealing websites influence how users accomplish tasks on your website and help users to navigate your website easily to find what they need or want. Visitors want  the convenience of easily finding enough information to solve a problem such as how your services can help them, product information and prices.  In doing so, your website provides value to your visitors.


Understand Your Website Users.

Website users expect..

  • To get information and solve a problem
  • Enhance their lives and convenience
  • Product and services information
  • Pricing for products and services
  • Business locations and contact information
  • Delivery and shipping information
  • Access to interactive information, search and research

Good user experience considers..

  • Page load speed
  • Good design { organization, navigation, value and aesthetics }
  • Responsive web design for mobile 
  • Trust and reliability
  • Control and NO irritants
  • NO broken links
  • NO outdated content
  • Safety and security
  • Social media connection

Why it is important?

Quality of traffic

The more relevant the page is to the website visitor's search query, the more likely the visitor will take action and stay on the page longer. A bounce rate is the percentage of people who view your site and either exit straight away or do not go on to view another page.  It is quite common for poorly written/developed websites to have high bounce rates. Your websites needs to answer or match the user's search terms entered in Google which should attract quality traffic to your site.

Quantity of traffic

Search engines begin to favour websites that are more frequently clicked on via the search engine results page (SERP). Thus, the more people that visit your page, the better. Sites are favoured when google see visitors are finding more value in that page compared to other, relevant pages. 

Organic results

Organic traffic is any traffic that you don't have to pay for.  Search engine results page's (SERP) consist of a lot of ads, unfortunately that is unavoidable. It is important for users to find your website organically as it will improve your ranking. 

What Google wants!

Many factors can affect your search engine ranking.

No one really knows exactly what criteria Google uses to rank search results because the algorithm is constantly changing. Many factors effect your search engine ranking, but if you know the right methods to enhance your website's SEO, you will have a good chance of ranking high. Ultimately, you want to earn Google's trust.

Factors that are likely to increase ranking:

  • High quality, valuable content
  • Strategic keyword placement
  • Relevant URLs
  • Backlinks from other reputable sites
  • Fast page load speed
  • Secure Hosting - HTTPS
  • High quality visitor experience
  • Relevant and informative title tags and heading tags
  • Responsive design

Negative Ranking Factors:

  • Buying or selling links
  • Reciprocal links
  • Article marketing
  • Press releases
  • Directories and bookmarks
  • Widgets
  • Forum comments
  • Interstitials or distracting ads
  • DMCA complaints
  • Duplicate content

Why Clevvi?

Unlike other developers, at Clevvi we build websites from scratch to ensure good SEO programming.

At Clevvi we design your website to ensure good user experience by using good design and good data structure. Our content specialists help you write high quality and valuable content and our designers focus on an intuitive user experience on both desktop and mobile. 

Our broad range of in-house expertise create user friendly websites from scratch considering SEO through the process to enhance your chance at ranking well in search engine results. 

We are Toowoomba's only Google Partner. Google is by far the most popular search engine in the world and is the most likely place where your customers are actively researching your product or service. As Google Partners, we are accredited to set up and manage Google AdWords marketing in the most cost-effective way for you to attract more business at a local, national and international level.

If you're looking for ongoing assistance, we offer Pro Active Support Plans to help maintain quality content to keep your website fresh and performing well.

If you're interested about ranking well in search engines, talk to one of our digital marketing specialist about SEO

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