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An effective single page solution

A landing page is a single page web site designed for generating enquiries for your business. These are a great low-cost option for temporary websites or for business's who want a stand-alone website geared to achieve a single goal, e.g. launching a new product or generating enquiries for a particular event. 

A great landing page will closely reflect the message in your marketing campaign and is optimised to maximise the chances of converting your message to a sale or lead.

The main features of a landing page are:

  • Optimised to drive enquiry or sales
  • Easy page navigation features
  • Concise, keyword rich content
  • Single call to action with relevant enquiry form

Landing pages are a great cost-effective way to establish a web presence and drive customers towards a single call to action. 

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View some of our landing page case studies

Take a look at some of the previous landing pages we've recently launched.


MB Motors

The Challenge

Mercedes Benz repair specialists, MB Motors, have been in the business for 30 years. They know ‘mercs….and ‘merc owners know them so, until now, they’ve had little need to promote their business, existing mainly on word of mouth from happy customers.  But it was time to recharge their promotional efforts with a bit of extra ‘va va voom’.

The Solution


We created a website that would link with a new social media campaign, effortlessly complementing MB’s Facebook ads and providing a place for Mercedes Benz owners to send enquires through an online form, or even call direct from the linked number on the mobile responsive site. The website didn’t need to be complicated – it’s just a one-pager – but the smart menu makes you feel like you’re driving a much larger model.

The Outcome

MB Motors is a very happy customer and, for local Mercedes owners, it’s much easier to find the experts to look after their pride and joy.

Visit the website Now!


Resolute Rubbish Removal

The Challenge

Resolute Rubbish Removal is a brand-new business just starting out. They didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a complicated website, but still wanted to have a digital presence and get the word out about what they do best.

Why They Chose Us

These guys deal in rubbish everyday – they didn’t need a rubbish website too! They knew we’d be able to design a website landing page within their budget and help them with a digital marketing campaign to beat.

The Solution

We designed a wiz bang landing page that acts like a much larger website, with a smart menu that scrolls to specific sections and clear call to action buttons in key places. Not only that, we added a ‘jotform’ quote request form through which customers can send through a photo of their rubbish, allowing Resolute Rubbish Removal to provide an accurate quote for the job.

The Outcome

Rubbish be gone! This landing page does the trick by saying everything that needs to be said and allowing customers to get in touch effortlessly, allowing Resolute Rubbish Removal to get on with dealing with your mess!

Visit the website Now!


Nice Rack Biz

The Challenge

Ute racks are a new product for this business which normally specialises in selling 6-wheeler utes. They wanted a platform for testing their product online without spending big dollars on a la-di-da e-commerce website.

The Solution


Our solution was to build a simple landing page which would be separate from the company’s 6-wheeler business and showcase the their new product beautifully without costing a lot. The landing page allows the company to judge demand for their ute racks, and begin to sell direct to their customers, before they fork out for a more sophisticated e-commerce website.

The Outcome

These nice racks now have their own space to shine and the company is able to focus on developing their new market without worrying about their website. 

Visit the Nice Rack website

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