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Our e-commerce websites give you a sophisticated platform to sell your products online to customers in Australia and overseas. We go beyond the basics of web development; our copywriters will ensure the content on your website is compelling and great for SEO, our graphic designers will custom design your websites to best display your products and our marketing team will make sure your website is geared for digital advertising. 

As we have an in-house programming team, we can configure your e-commerce store with advanced functionalities including:

  • Applying the latest in technology and security
  • Easy-to-use inventory system
  • Simple product filtering options
  • Ability to add products in bulk
  • Linking to an email marketing system for automated emails (eg: abandoned cart reminders, welcome emails, post-purchase feedback, etc.)

In addition to the advanced functionalities, our custom designed e-commerce websites let your business stand out from the vast number of standard template websites. 

Selling products online doesn't need to be difficult, we make it easy by having an experienced marketing team that make your e-commerce website compelling and easy for consumers to trust.

If you're wanting to take your online store to the next level, we can help you design an e-commerce website solution that can grow with your business.

Support Packages

We can help you maintain your existing website, provide you regular Google Analytics reports and more with our support packages.

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Shopping Cart Platform

 CS-Cart is a commercially licensed feature-rich ecommerce software. The backend is very easy for site owners to operate. Clevvi can assist with configuring CS-Cart with all major payment gateways in Australia, as well as a wide variety of freight options. Clevvi is proud to be an authorised CS-Cart reseller.

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View some of our e-commerce website case studies

Take a look at some of the previous e-commerce websites we've recently launched.


Stonestreets Travel

The Challenge

Established Toowoomba-based business, Stonestreets, has been going the extra mile since 1993. With a modern fleet of 150 coaches, they service schools and charter needs throughout the region. While this is a large part of their successful business, Stonestreets also has another string to its bow – a travel agency that can get you anywhere from down the street to Timbuctoo. Problem was that their getaway and holiday options were hidden deep within their existing website and needed to be given their own special place to shine.

Why They Chose Us

Stonestreets knew our reputation for thinking outside the square and knew we would come up with a solution that ticked all their needs. Plus, our in-house graphic designers were the perfect people to really showcase the beauty and diversity of their holiday locations using stunning imagery and a crafted user experience.

Besides being able to take bookings for tours online Stonestreets needed a back end manifest solution to help them manage their tours. Stonestreets understood that Clevvi also had the technical ability to handle these variations and integrations.

The Solution

Both sides of Stonestreet’s business are equally as successful and important as each other, and each deserve to sit in the spotlight. However, each cater to very different markets and needs. To make sure both the charter business and the travel business reach the right people we designed a landing page that invites the visitor to choose which they are most interested in. Choose ‘Charter’ and they are taken to the charter website aimed towards businesses, schools and community and sporting groups who need to hire a coach or two. Chose ‘Travel’ and they are taken to a separate site boasting stunning images of their next adventure. The clever website then remembers their choice for next time. Of course, visitors can always jump between the two if they need to using links in the header. Setting the stage to help Stonestreet’s travel products shine in this way allowed us to customise each page and craft a journey for the user through the evocative photos of its beautiful holiday locations and experiences.

The Outcome

So many clickable images and a customised, easy-to-navigate site couldn’t help but lead to a higher conversion rate for Stonestreets. Website visitors are able to easily discover the company’s travel agency without the charter side of the business suffering. It’s a win win! Meanwhile, if you’re looking for us, we’ll be just over here booking our next holiday….

Visit the website now!


Give Me a Break

The Challenge

Established Toowoomba-based business, Stonestreets, has been going the extra mile since 1993. Being a solidified Travel Agency they decided to take it even further by developing a new brand and product that was designed for travellers who want to satisfy their wanderlust with an unforgettable and personalised mystery break. Being a new product, the new website needed to be able to quickly tell the visitor how the service works, make it easy for visitors to complete a survey and either book a break online and submit the survey

Why They Chose Us

Stonestreets has been working with us for years and know we have a reputation for thinking outside the box. They knew we would come up with new branding that capture the essence of the mystery break clientele. Not only could we build a brand new, contemporary website in house but we could continue to work with them to launch the new business through Digital Marketing.

The Solution

We created an infographic to provide a fun way of explaining how the mystery package works. Customers are taken through an interactive journey about what to expect in the lead up the their mystery break. We also included an interactive survey that would gather the interests and preferences of customers. The experience during the process of booking the mystery getaway is fun and engaging which resonates with the target audience. Customers have the option of booking the getaway straight after the survey or submitting their results so they can speak to Give Me a Break representative about it further.

The Outcome

The website is engaging and fun giving customers a taste of what they can experience on their mystery break. If all the options on the survey don’t tempt you enough, check out the stories from previous travellers and see where their mystery getaway has taken them. When can they give ME a break??

Visit the website now!

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