SMX is a world-leading, specialist solution for email cyber security. With 99.99% protection against email threats and an intelligent, user-friendly management system, Clevvi recommends SMX for your email security requirements. 

With SMX’s Office 365 cyber security and archiving capabilities, Clevvi can provide your business with a time-saving, cloud-based email cybersecurity system with outstanding security protocols.

Explore SMX email security and compliance for Office 365 users

Through SMX, Clevvi can help implement a scalable archiving system with searchable functions and simplify email migration through managed users, rules, and data. Our team can custom design your SMX system to intelligently notify users of incoming threats and can  manage suspicious emails before they even reach your inbox. 

SMX is the ideal solution to protect your business from:

  • Phishing
  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • URL based threats
  • Email interception
  • Numerous other email threats


We offer all of our new Office 365 clients the ability to transform their standard email service into a cleverly organised system managed by a robust cyber security solution. Clevvi can ensure that your emails are secure and easy to navigate - protecting your business and your customers.


Do you have the necessary cyber security measures in place to protect your business?

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