Systems Engineering

Our in-house Computer Engineering team look at the big picture, forming a structured development process that proceeds from concept to production to operation, taking into account a system’s entire life cycle. Working with our clients, they can develop software and hardware that provide a solution for a variety of technological problems.

We start small and build out with a comprehensive process based on our years of experience.

Our process emphases your understanding of how software works and how it adapts to your workflow.

Understanding builds confidence in both the process and the final product. We have access to a wide range of technologies including:

  • Linux and Windows Servers with our own private cloud
  • Programming Languages like PHP, Javascript and Rust
  • Electronic Hardware
  • Web Development
  • App Development
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • IoT

A full system may contain some or all of these elements. By having all the knowledge of these technologies under the one roof, we can effectively manage the whole project end to end.

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Take a look at some of the previous programming projects we've recently completed.


Stahmann Farms

The Challenge

Stahmann Farms are Australian nut royalty, growing, processing, marketing and selling nuts for the many farms that supply to them. But processing and paying for nuts is a complicated business. A lot of factors influence the final product and price and Stahmann’s previous ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system wasn't delivering the results they wanted.  

Why They Chose Us

We are a little nutty ourselves. We’re known for thinking outside the box and coming up with insane solutions that really work. When you put all of our crazy, creative brains together in a room it’s nuts the ideas we come up with!

The Solution

We worked on developing a system that followed the nuts through their lifecycle, ensuring a smooth and streamlined program that accurately calculates grower payments while taking into account all the nutty factors such as weight, quality assurance, payment rates and whether or not the nut is organic.

The Outcome

Our solution changed the nut buying process from the ground up. The customised program saves time and reduces user error risk. It’s easy to use and data is available on demand. What’s more, nut farmers can access reports on their product and past shipments, enabling full transparency and maintaining Stahmann Farms as the producer of choice for growers. That’s something to be nutty about! 

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Fastrack Dealer Net

The Challenge

In the fast-moving market of transport equipment – from light commercial vehicles to heavy trucks and trailers – it’s critical to be up to date. Back in the olden days (that is, before 2006!), valuations and stock information was gathered by snail-mailing sales history to a centralised organisation every three months, who would turn the data into heavy, paper based books to be sent back to dealers as an appraisal tool. Of course, by the time the books got back to the dealers, the data was old, and not necessarily accurate. It was well past time to modernise the system.

Why They Chose Us

Even back in the olden days, when the internet was still a mysterious, dark beast to most, we were the shining light. We knew how to make that scary internet beast into our BFF (that’s internet speak for ‘friend’!), making tricky tasks much easier and coming up with innovative solutions that work. Some things never change…

The Solution


We created a digital portal that emulated the original paper-based spreadsheets, except that it provided instant data, helping dealers monitor their stock and the market in real time. The system provides this critical information in an easy to use web browser interface and, what’s more, it can push vehicle listings to third party websites like – meaning even selling vehicles has become easier for busy vehicle dealers.

The Outcome

We can’t even count how many trees we’ve saved by helping to get rid of all those books! But the proof in this pudding is really how Fastrack Dealer Net is still the tool of choice for truck dealers with almost 4000 active users over 10 years later.  

Visit the website Now!

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