• Brand Positioning
  • Custom Built Website
  • Content Strategy
  • Integration of 3D Walk-through & Interactive Infographics
  • User & Mobile Experience Audit

The Client

Oil & Gas


Business Phase  


Obadare is a Toowoomba based manufacturing and engineering business with a focus on the oil, gas and infrastructure industry.

They are Australia's only API certified 4F drilling supplier and one of the leading engineering, heavy fabrication and inspection companies in the country.

"Clevvi's team took the initiative to conduct the appropriate research before every meeting with us. Their team grew to understand our company and industry background which made content delivery easier driving the project forward."

~ Stephen Weier, Operations Manager

The Challenge

Obadare’s existing website needed a refresh to better support their sales strategy and communicate their specialist capabilities.

Considering a large percentage of clients are interstate, the website needed to allow for virtual visits showcasing the full scope of their products and service offering.

The Solution

Clevvi held a brand strategy workshop with Obadare to understand and define their strategy, target groups and their unique value proposition (UVP).

Following the workshop, we developed a report articulating their messaging and target user profiles. Once agreed with Obadare, this report informed website content development. It was also used by Obadare to support their marketing and tendering activities.

Clevvi strategists and content specialists helped Obadare to profile their previous work and key team to support positioning of the company as a high-end, specialist engineering business.

We introduced interactive infographics to help visitors gain a clear understanding of Obadare’s product offerings and capabilities across the entire drill rig site.
Our software developers and engineers incorporated smart technologies to the website including a 3D walk-through of Obadare’s facility. Potential clients can now assess the scale and capabilities of Obadare’s facilities from the comfort of their home or workplace, regardless of their location or time zone.

"Clevvi is modern, efficient and thinks outside the box. Their big point of difference is the team’s broad capabilities and specialisations - from software engineering and automation to digital marketing and strategy."

~ Stephen Weier, Operations Manager

Why Clevvi?

We brought our full range of in-house digital innovation specialists together to deliver an integrated solution for Obadare:


  • Our strategists analysed Obadare’s business to develop an appropriate strategy from the outset.
  • Our content specialists researched and wrote content to reflect Obadare’s unique value proposition, capabilities and positioning.
  • Our graphic designers engaged Obadare’s audiences through interactive infographics and custom designs.
  • Our software developers and engineers integrated smart technologies such as an online 3D walk through to bring the Obadare facilities to the visitor.
  • Our social and online marketers provided guidance for driving traffic to the website and encouraging visitors to return.


The Outcome

Obadare has told us that their new website has been integral to their success in recent tender and grant wins. This has included a $2M Federal Government Accelerated Commercialisation Program grant for the commercialisation of their new production drill rigs.

With professionally curated content, project examples, key personnel profiles and interactive infographics, the Obadare website now clearly reflects their specialist capabilities.

The virtual 3D tour is regularly used by Obadare in client presentations to remotely showcase the facility to potential clients.