• Custom Built Website
  • Website within a website
  • Content Strategy
  • Integration of an interactive graphs and maps

The Client

Company Size 
100 Employees

Publicly listed


Business Phase 


Namoi Cotton is Australia’s leading cotton processing and marketing organisation with an extensive network of ginning, marketing and logistics operations throughout the cotton growing regions of New South Wales and Southern Queensland, and an office in Indonesia.

Namoi Cotton was formed as a grower owned co-operative in Wee Waa, NSW in 1962 by a small group of pioneering cotton growers. The company grew alongside the Australian cotton industry and in October 2017 it was listed on the ASX. Today they process up to 1.6 million bales of raw seed cotton and export more than 1.2 million bales annually.

The Challenge

Namoi Cotton shares extensive information through their website which is used and relied upon by the cotton industry to support a smooth ginning and marketing process.

Namoi were looking for a website designer and developer who they were confident could not only design and refresh the website and reorganise the information architecture, but who could also build a technically sound solution that would improve their internal workflow and effectively share their information. The website needed to provide easy to access information for a broad target audience including growers, marketers, investors and employees.

The Solution

We started the project by identifying Namoi Cotton’s user groups. This allowed Clevvi to understand the information they were sharing via their website, what information the user groups needed to know, and how to organise it effectively. Their previous website contained well over 100 pages of content and Clevvi spent time reviewing and understanding this.

Namoi Cotton’s user groups included growers, investors, employees, traders, exporters and board members. Clear definitions of the information needed by each group helped refine the communication strategy and organise information. We then built websites customised for each group which were housed on the one website, including:

  • A dashboard for growers: customisable weather widget, contact cards to quickly direct growers to the people they need to talk to, news section specific for grower’s news.
  • A dashboard for investors: integrated ASX information that shows the share price in real time and allows them to change variables to view historical share performance graphically.
  • A dashboard for the Namoi Cotton Alliance: information and services to support cotton trading activities.

A new icon was designed for each topic so visitors could easily navigate through the site and find the information relevant for them. The icons also helped differentiate and organise Namoi Cotton’s content for their e-marketing campaigns through tagging blogs according to audience interest. All blogs are tagged throughout the website so that only the relevant content is displayed according to the user group.

Board members and investors external to the organisation were needing to understand locations of operations to support decision making. We built an interactive map that shows where Namoi Cotton assets are located – offices, gins and joint venture gins, warehouse sites, commodities packing sites and public irrigation dams – so visitors can filter to the asset level and zoom into specific locations.

Despite the extensive information, by firstly working to ensure we understood user groups and their information needs, then categorising information according to each group, we effectively organised content to deliver a relevant and customised experience on the site.

The Namoi Cotton marketing department was trained in the new content management system so they could continually keep the information up to date without involving their IT department, who were needed for assistance on the previous website.

Since the site went live, Clevvi has also helped Namoi Cotton to include a driver induction section to help administrate and ensure compliance within driver safety inductions.

Why Clevvi?

Clevvi’s focus is always ‘content first’ when we build and design websites. This focus on analysis of business needs helped us to guide and organise the large amounts of content for the new Namoi Cotton website.

Our project manager and content specialist worked with Namoi on the content first, categorising information, and designing and finalising content based on their extensive existing material. This resulted in a content document and site structure that was signed off by each Namoi department before starting to build the site, meaning there were no surprises or changes needed when the website was actually built.

The Outcome

The Namoi marketing team can now update information and post it live on the site without going to their IT department for testing first.

Now they have a much more powerful e-marketing system that supports them in segmenting information to each user group.

The custom design befitting of a publicly listed company provides a premium user experience for growers, clients and investors alike.

When visiting the website, users are met with a customised experience that allows them to access the information they require in the least number of clicks. The user experience is also enhanced through on-page smart menus that reduce the need to scroll through information.