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Professionally-constructed digital marketing campaigns through Google Ads are a great way to target people who are in the market for your product or service. Our qualified marketing specialists work with you to design and manage strategic search campaigns and craft engaging display ads to achieve your business goals.

As Google Partners, we are accredited to set up and manage these ads in the most cost-effective way for you to attract more business at a local, national and international level.

Our team will select the most effective keywords and tailor geographical areas to ensure your ads only reach relevant audiences, giving you the best value for money.

Google is the no.1 search engine in the world and is the most likely place where your customers are actively researching your product or service, so it makes sense to leverage the power of Google Ads for your business.

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Take a look at some of the marketing campaigns we've recently run for our clients:


Prestige Pest Control

The Challenge

Based in the metropolitan suburbs of Brisbane, the new owners of 35-year-old business, Prestige Pest Control, had inherited a tired and out-of-date website. New kids on the block, they wanted to do some clever marketing to get their name and brand ‘out there’. Problem is, traditional marketing methods such as radio and TV ads are very expensive in downtown Brisvegas and out of the question for a small business like Prestige. They knew they had to tap into the powers of digital marketing….and that’s where we come in.

Why They Chose Us

Well, apart from the fact that we share a mutual disgust of cockroaches, we are also digital marketing experts with a team of copywriters, content creators and social media whizzes that, working with our in-house website designers, could make sure we created a website that helped Prestige top Google’s SEO rankings every single time. Let’s just say, we were super keen to help Prestige Pest Control in their quest to rid the world of creepy crawlies!

The Solution


The thing about pests is that they prefer to raise their ugly heads at specific times of year, meaning that Prestige Pest Control was likely to undertake seasonal promotion of their business – termites in summers, rats and mice in winter. Cockroaches all year round – yuck! 

With the company’s particular needs in mind, we designed a website that had unique landing pages, each representing their different services. High performing and modern landing pages with clear, ad-like banners, gave Prestige specific URLs to link to their Social Media and Google Adwords campaigns, meaning a higher Google quality score and better SEO results. The banners on the landing pages reflect the offer in the ad and, of course, contain a prominently positioned ‘Book Now’ button. There’s no messing about for the wannabe termite destroyer on this website….one click and Prestige Pest Control will be there to save the day! 

And, ok, we couldn’t help ourselves. Just for fun we added a ‘Spray the Bug’ game on the home page. Catch those nasty cockroaches if you can! But even if you can’t, you won’t forget this website. And of course, when it came to designing the perfect digital marketing campaign to get those click-throughs to the new website, we were the guys in the know too.

The Outcome

Prestige Pest Control have a brand new, modern and fit-for-purpose website with cleverly designed landing pages intended to optimise their digital marketing campaign. No longer do they have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive TV campaigns, their digital campaign, clicking through to their specialised, targeted and optimised website does the job for a fraction of the cost. Bye bye cockies!  

Visit the website Now!


Formidable Forklifts

The Challenge

If you want a new or second hand forklift, you shouldn’t fork around with anybody other than Formidable Forklifts! Based in Melbourne, the company uses a specialised database designed specifically for dealers of commercial vehicles, called Fastrack Dealer Net. The problem was that Formidable’s old website wasn’t integrating with or downloading from the database as well as it should, resulting in a messy and out-of-date site which was difficult for forklift buyers to navigate. What’s more, while Formidable sells its forklifts all over Australia, the website made it seem like they only operated in Victoria. Not so formidable!

Why They Chose Us

We are also formidable. Especially when it comes to web design and digital marketing. With experts in both sitting right here in the office, we knew we could design a formidable solution for the company.  Plus, we are experts in the database application that Formidable Forklift uses – Fastrack Dealer Net – because we were the ones that designed it in the first place. It was a match made in heaven.

The Solution

To start with we designed a new website for Formidable Forklifts that properly integrates to their database. Now, when you search for a forklift, the search results not only look good, they also pull up the appropriate information you’re likely to need as a discerning forklift buyer. Once you have found the forklift of your dreams you can easily get in touch to find out more or even arrange finance to buy it.

The next mission was to help Formidable Forklifts increase their market around Australia. To do this we created a landing page for each area they service including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Hobart. Doing this helped to show Google  and website visitors that Formidable Forklifts was only not only formidable in Melbourne. We link Google Adwords to the specific landing page for the area we’re targeting and, voila, the search engine ranking skyrockets and people searching for a forklift in Brisbane are directed straight to our formidable friends. 

The Outcome

We worked hard with Formidable Forklifts to design a Google adwords campaign that would work spectacularly with the new website. Five months after the website launch the combination of the digital campaign and the easy-to-navigate website saw Formidable Forklifts have their best month ever and almost run out of forklifts to sell. Now that’s formidable! 
Visit the website Now!

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