• Premium Brand Positioning
  • Custom Built Website
  • Content Strategy
  • Interactive maps
  • Visitor qualification

The Client

Company Size 
Small Business


Business Phase 


Journey Earth is an award-winning specialist tourism agent working with inbound travellers to Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands. They provide once in a lifetime, personalised experiences and local support, unique local experiences and personal recommendations.

The Challenge

Journey Earth received leads from referral agencies from across the world and were reliant on these third-party recommendations for their business.

They were looking for a way to generate leads directly through the website to reduce their reliance on third parties, and needed help to implement a digital marketing strategy.

They also needed a way to qualify leads coming in via their website to ensure the web enquiries were from clients seeking the high end, personalised service they offered.

The Solution

Working with Journey Earth to analyse their customer base ahead of designing the website, we realised they didn’t need a large number of enquiries but just high-quality ones. We designed a comprehensive request form to gather information and help qualify clients before the team spent time responding to their enquires.

We identified that many inbound visitors were unfamiliar with the various regions and travel options available in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, so we designed an interactive map for each destination showcasing attractions. People not familiar with the country’s geography can get an understanding of where attractions are located. This is particularly useful for the team to help clients develop and visualise their itinerary during phone calls.

To match the Journey Earth brand and attract premium clients, the website needed a high-end feel. We used premium images and a custom website design to achieve this.

Visitors get a taste of what to expect from the Journey Earth experience through sample itineraries on the site. The itineraries feature luxury hotels and private, personalised tours to show the style of holiday available through Journey Earth. The website also showcases the travel app available to Journey Earth clients throughout their trip.

Journey Earth receives many testimonials, so we designed postcard templates to display these. Their team can update these easily through their content management system.

To support their SEO and digital marketing efforts, we conducted key word research and carefully chose page titles to ensure good organic traffic was being directed to the site. Each destination country was designed to be a landing page in its own right to anchor their digital marketing campaigns. We also worked with Journey Earth to configure conversion goals so they could measure how many leads the site generates.

Why Clevvi?

We have found that the key to a successful website design and development project is writing the content first. This way when it comes to designing and building the site, we have a clear blueprint on what needs to be developed.

By analysing Journey Earth’s business upfront, we ensured that the content developed meets their clients’ information needs and was appropriate to the target audience. Clevvi's content specilaist  wrote the content ensuring great SEO and user engagement whilst releiving our client of the often daunting task of creating their own content.  

The Outcome

The quality of leads is now much better, so the business owners are spending time on client enquiries more likely to lead to a sale.

Journey Earth now has a website that matches their premium offering and gives them the option to market directly without relying on other referring agencies.

Organic search is the leading driver of traffic to the new site with 33% from the USA (where most of their clients come from).