Around 50 hours a month saved in manual processing through the AssetEX integration

Website traffic growth 68% year on year

Digital marketing strategies to support a national presence – now selling all over Australia
82% of website traffic

The Client

Company Size 

Wholesale Forklift dealer

Business Phase 


Formidable Forklifts buy and sell second hand forklifts. Their relationship with Toyota Material Handling and other manufacturers sees them wholesaling used forklifts in bulk lots and selling them either to retail clients or wholesale to dealers, Australia-wide and through South East Asia.

The Challenge

A Melbourne-based company, Formidable Forklifts aspired to sell forklifts Australia-wide. To reach customers all over the country.

They had an existing website which needed a refresh to communicate a national presence, but they also wanted help to automate their listing processes.

Formidable use the AssetEX Dealer Management System to manage their stock list. Toyota and other manufacturers upload the details and photos of the forklift they have for sale through an AssetEX app which automatically submits listings to Formidable’s Asset Ex account. However Formidable Forklifts then needed to manually publish the listing to their website. They wanted a way for new listings to be automatically uploaded to their website.

The Solution

We worked with Formidable Forklifts to design content and functionality for the new website, and then built an automatic integration to AssetEx. Now their AssetEx listings automatically feed through to the Formidable Forklifts website as a live listing. This means there is no double handling and listings are published as soon as they are available.

Working with Formidable Forklifts to understand their business, we looked for other ways to add value through the website. We designed a system that allows Formidable Forklifts to print A5 labels from their listings, detailing key information about the forklift. These stickers are displayed on the forklifts for visitors to review when at the yard in Melbourne. Previously this was a manual process to enter the information into an offline document and print it out.

Visitors to the website can also print, email or download a PDF brochure of the listing for review.

To make sure the website conveyed a national presence and benefited from organic search engine traffic, we created location specific landing pages. These landing pages give the website the best chance of Google recognising them in searches Australia-wide, effectively providing ‘free’ traffic. Our understanding of digital marketing and the best way to drive traffic to a website is reflected in the website design through customisation at a local level.

Once the website was developed, we recommended that Formidable Forklifts use Google ads to attract traffic from across Australia and worked with them to develop a digital marketing strategy. We implemented state specific campaigns, using the local landing pages as an anchor to keep the ads localised and reduce the cost per click.

We also integrate the website with their email marketing system. Forklift listings in the website can be automatically sent to email campaigns delivered to Forklifts Dealers around Australia saving time and getting new listings to their subscriber base quicky.

Why Clevvi?

More than just a website, Clevvi was able to automate several business processes for Formidable.

With the web developers, engineers and digital marketers in our team, we were able to build a site that has great SEO capabilities, anchors their Google campaigns as well as automating the population of listings, generation of machine lables, and population of the email campaigns.

The Outcome

Formidable Forklifts publishes around 300 new listings a month and before the integration each listing would take around 10 minutes to load to their website. The integration saved them around 50 hours a month in administration time – around 30% of a full time role.

Automating listings to their email campaigns reduced the time to produce a campaign by around 2 hours, saving around 10 hours a month.

The website traffic grows at an average of 68% yearly.

82% of traffic generated via Google Ads.