Mail Settings

Incoming Server

Clevvi's incoming mail server is: 

E-mail clients can be configured to connect using either the IMAP or POP3 protocols.


Most of our clients incoming server usernames are not the email address, they are usually hyphenated in the format: abc-john. To change this in outlook, close all instances of outlook and run "outlook.exe /manageprofiles" from the Windows Run dialog box (Win button + R).


If you are uncertain what format your username is in, or what your username is, please contact our support team.

Outgoing Server

The outgoing server is supplied by your Internet service provider.

Common ISP outgoing SMTP servers are as follows:

Any Telstra

Clevvi operates a webmail server located at:

Please ensure the username is used to login (not the email address).


Microsoft Office 365 and GSuite

Some Clevvi customers may use Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps. The above settings do not apply in these cases.