The Client

Engineering for automated factory processors


Business Phase 


CEEM Engineering is a Toowoomba based engineering and manufacturing company that plans, engineers, manufactures and installs industrial machinery for automated production lines.

With custom designs and components to improve machinery, CEEM Engineering’s work results in greater efficiency, safer production, and higher profit margins all while delivering quality results using durable, cost-effective materials.

"The process with Clevvi was simple. From the very beginning, they made us feel confident about what was going on and how the website design process worked. Even as a non-technical person, Clevvi helped me to easily understand the process and the various elements that go into website design."

~ Jen Jellicoe, Office Manager, CEEM Engineering

The Challenge

As CEEM Engineering delivers a range of very specialised services to a niche group of customers, the challenge presented itself early in the process - how do we create a website that will showcase all that CEEM can offer whilst remaining comprehensive and easy-to-understand?

Translating CEEM’s complex range of services and abilities onto paper required an extensive understanding of how the company operates, their current and potential customers base, and their needs.

The Solution

To help users understand CEEM’s capabilities, Clevvi curated a simple and easy-to-navigate website with a case study focus.

With this case study based method, our team utilised a show-not-tell approach and let CEEM’s experience speak for itself. We used case studies to tell CEEM’s story, emphasising the importance of well-written and digestible content.

The website showcases CEEM’s capabilities in bite-size case studies for easy consumption, allowing customers to easily comprehend the scope of CEEM’s services.

"We have been very impressed by their efficiency and the great results that we have achieved with Clevvi. We are already seeing results and are excited to see how much more we can achieve with their help."

~ Jen Jellicoe, Office Manager, CEEM Engineering

Why Clevvi?

  • Clevvi’s team are system automation experts - meaning that we already had an affinity for CEEM’s business. This experience allowed us to understand the complex nature of the business and facilitate its needs.
  • Our content-first approach allowed us to develop a pragmatic and effective strategy and focus on the case studies before design even began.
  • Clevvi’s in-house digital marketing and Google partnership capabilities allowed us to tailor the website content to improve SEO and help drive traffic to the website.
  • We design our websites with future marketing campaigns in mind, ensuring that our client’s future content is compatible with their new, bespoke website.

The Outcome

CEEM Engineering now uses their website as a portfolio to showcase their skills and services. The website acts as a sales tool to assist with customer quotes, gain new business and clientele, and support new business proposals. As they complete more projects, CEEM Engineering regularly updates their website to accurately reflect their growing business. Clevvi’s easy-to-use website management system and training makes it simple for CEEM Engineering to keep their website up-to-date and keep their business looking fresh.

“The Clevvi team are always available to help and have been very approachable throughout the process. I have always been able to get support and assistance promptly, making the process very seamless. If I need help, they’re only one call away.

Working with Clevvi has made us realise that there is more to it than just a good website. Clevvi has all the marketing resources already available which makes it really simple. The Clevvi team has helped us to understand how we can utilise marketing for our business and we are currently working with them to make that happen.”

~ Jen Jellicoe, Office Manager, CEEM Engineering