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Recoginsed in Case study in Cambridge University Press Essential English for QLD Units 3 & 4


  • Brand Positioning
  • Custom Built Website
  • Content Strategy

The Client

Company Size 

Not for profit


Business Phase 


Mary O’Brien is a passionate advocate for agriculture. Raised on the land, she wrote an article in January 2018 – ‘Are you bogged mate?’ – which spread far and wide, gaining international attention for mental health and suicide amongst country men.

Are you bogged mate? was created as a not for profit from that article. The organisation aims to boost awareness and start a conversation with the broader community about the rising issue of depression and suicide rates among men in rural areas. Are You Bogged Mate? confronts the challenges that country men face on a daily basis, talking about mental health, and lighting the path to support

It required communicating a difficult topic in a way that connected people, to support breaking down the stigma associated with seeking help.

The Challenge

The project was to build on the publicity and awareness created around Mary’s article and move from a blog to a website that provided information for the not for profit and a place where donations could flow in.


The Solution

We spent time understanding Mary’s perspective and how best to communicate to the website audiences – helping to connect to country men and those wanting to support the cause through donations. This informed the brand concept, the logo design and the way content was developed by our content specialist for the website.

We came up with the idea of a ‘bogged’ gallery that Mary could regularly add photos of farmers with their tractors bogged using our content management system. The bogged pictures have helped to make a serious topic more lighthearted and gain significant interest through social media.

We also created a donation page integrated with the Stripe payment gateway, so Mary was able to accept donations from the general public.

Why Clevvi?

Time spent at the start of the process helped drive the brand and website strategy.

Our creative team managed to design a logo and brand guide that spoke to the metaphor of a farmer getting bogged – if you are really bogged and you need someone’s help, you can’t pull a tractor out on your own.

"The Are You Bogged Mate? website is a critical part of delivering our rural men’s mental health message Australia wide. It was imperative that our site was not only user friendly and aesthetically pleasing but contained the critical information for people seeking support. Working with the team from Clevvi was a fantastic experience. Their technical skills, creativity, and professional manner made the whole process very enjoyable. We continue to utilise their expert support service as our organisations evolves."

Mary O’Brien

Founder of Are You Bogged Mate?


The Outcome

The website is referenced in the Cambridge University Press textbook Essential English QLD for Units 3 & 4 on how to use good content to get the message across.

The website gets a lot of exposure – over 13000 visitors and 131 donations. After an appearance on the Today show, the website received 3552 on a single day.